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Dear Friends, Colleagues, Readers,

The 2015 edition of Journal Citation Reports® brought excellent news for Archives of Budo. The journal achieved the very high Impact Factor 1.238.

We are very pleased that the citation statistics confirm top impact and visibility for Archives of Budo. We would like to emphasize that the ambitions and achievements of Archives of Budo extend well beyond the publication of papers with impact citations (see the announcement of the HMA Congress). The peer review and constant discussion of manuscripts, careful diagnosis and composed assessment have awarded our efforts, what has not been available without precise strategy, clear philosophy, autonomy and competences.

We thank editors, reviewers, authors and other members of Editorial Board for their support. We hope that you will keep up your support to Archives of Budo and efforts to foster and improve reliability, quality, accuracy and integrity.

With best regards,

Bartlomiej Barczynski                                                                   Roman Maciej Kalina
Deputy Editor                                                                                Editor-in-Chief

Dear Colleagues,

In the tenth edition of the Achives of Budo (2014) we have reformulated the mission of our journal: based on scientific evidence, to promote martial arts and combat sports and to take the opportunity to develop all dimensions of positive health (somatic, mental, social) and survival capabilities in a manner worthy of man. Eleventh edition of the Archives of Budo began with formulation of declaration worded as follows: "HMA against MMA".

Acceptance of a special diploma by Lech Wałęsa, the Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, was an especially momentous occasion and derived great satisfaction for the Editors of the Archives of Budo. Editor-in-Chief had the pleasure and tremendous honour of awarding the diploma to legendary "Iron Man" in the European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk.

January 21, 2015 Lech Wałęsa without hesitation supported the declaration of "HMA against MMA" and in 2015 he took under his wing two initiatives of the Archives of Budo, which constitute material evidence of the new mission of journal coming true in a global scale.

Archives of Budo together with Jan Długosz University of Czestochowa in Poland will organise the World Congress on Health and Martial Arts in Interdisciplinary Approach in 17-19 September 2015. Two days before (15-16 September) together with Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport they will parallely host the Conference of the Editors-in-Chief of Sports Sciences and Sports Medicine Journals Evaluated by Thomson Reuters – “Time for redefinition of Sports Sciences & Sports Medicine”.

Both events will carry symbolic, multidimensional implications.

Lech Wałęsa connects Częstochowa, the spiritual capital of Poland, with Gdańsk, the cradle of “Solidarity”. At Jasna Góra in Częstochowa, he had improved his spiritual strength and then he steadfastly roused thousands in the Gdańsk Shipyard. Millions of Poles followed him and showed the world that inhuman aggression of totalitarianism may be defused in an unarmed manner. Lech Wałęsa and Polish nation showed even more – that the winner does not demonstrate superiority by beating defeated opponent.

Meanwhile, global electronic media, using privilege of freedom, sell aggression and violence in an unprecedented scale. The come-back of bloody fights between neo-gladiators can be seen as everyday entertainment on TV channels bearing the word “sport” in their name. Beating an unconscious man lying in the cage regardless of gushing blood does not fall within the definition of “sport”. There is, however, social approval of this practice. Promoters of bloody neo-gladiator fights have no scruples and in more or less camouflaged manner draw scientists into this promotion.

From this perspective, Thomson Reuters experts deserve special words of appreciation and gratitude for recognizing in global space of science the Archives of Budo (first edition of the journal in 2005 and awarding 5-Years Impact Factor dated from that year) and intellectual potential of a specific group of scholars, who have academic qualifications and black belts of various martial arts. The first scholar who tamed bloody fights in close contact, was professor Jigoro Kano. In 1882 he named judo as human-friendly education system through fight. The creators of all modern martial arts, that were created later, have not violated the general principle of “do not beat the lying”, what means that opponent’s moves can be restricted in a gentle or relatively gentle way.

The combination of those principles with deeply esoteric science, i.e. agonology, provided the basis for new scientific specialty, i.e. science of martial arts. Thomson Reuters experts have made an important contribution to the integration of scholars of the science of martial arts dispersed around the world. They united around the idea of implementing in global scale therapeutic possibilities of martial arts and they are able to at least partially compensate for pernicious influence of permanent teaching people of aggression by watching bloody neo-gladiator fights.

This seemingly insignificant diagnosis – for some time – will be appreciated by millions of people around the world. Perhaps, for the first time a man having the highest authority in fighting non-violence struggle with global impact and scientists with appropriate qualifications made it on time.

Lech Wałęsa showed an unsurpassed example of non-violence fight and moreover, he showed that it is possible to change the world by minimising bloody fight to possibly highest extent. However, fight is of particular importance for people. Perhaps, as humans, we will never save ourselves from various unarmed and armed fights conducted every day. This, however, does not mean that standards must be set by neo-gladiators. The fight will not disappear from public space. But if we want to survive as civilized people, basic condition must be fulfilled. In comparable time of transmission of bloody neo-gladiators’ fight in electronic media, the presence of scientists and specialists in the science of martial arts, that offer cognitive-behavioural therapy through martial arts, is necessary as well.

Bartlomiej Barczynski                                                                   Roman Maciej Kalina
Deputy Editor                                                                                Editor-in-Chief

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