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Dear Colleagues,

The 10th Anniversary Jubilee Edition of the Archives of Budo we beginning in new editorial formula. In order to pursue a more prominent mission of the Archives of Budo and meet the expectations of authors and readers we return in 2014 to the continuous formula of the online journal (without issue structure). Authors will be satisfied with the fact that we implemented the principle of monthly monitoring of the status of the manuscript.

The mission of the Archives of Budo is much more highlighted – based on scientific evidence, to promote martial arts and combat sports and to take the opportunity to develop all dimensions of positive health (somatic, mental, social) and survival capabilities in a manner worthy of man. Factor that enhance is a parallel edition of the Archives of Budo Science of Martial Arts and Extreme Sports [ISSN 2300-8822] as a branch journal, started in 2013. This modification is in our opinion very important. Scientific status of combat sports and martial arts is threatened by the growing popularity of this form of activity as well as growing popularity of certain pathologies such as Mix Martial Arts and other forms of modern gladiatorial contests (!).

In this way we emphasized five issues. First of all the mission of Archives of Budo should be more and more recognizable in a broad public perception, especially among scholars, on the global scale. Secondly in Archives of Budo we publish ‘basic research’ works (fundamental papers) for the new sub-discipline of the science of martial arts or borderline issues relevant to find the distinct identity of every new science. Therefore, mainly in Archives of Budo will be published articles qualified to “research methodology”. Thirdly the relations between Archives of Budo and Archives of Budo Science of Martial Arts and Extreme Sports are very clear. Fourth both journals have the educational value of the published articles in common. The most visible example are respectively: ‘ ArchBudo Academy’ and ‘ ArchBudo Sci Martial Art Extreme Sport Academy’ available on the journal’s web sites. The authors of the papers can visualize recommended tests, exercises etc. Fifth the pathology of violence and permanently documented in many journals epidemiology of injuries caused by the falling shows the need for solutions that are radical but based on scientific criteria. Thus a great opportunity for scientific cooperation between interdisciplinary teams and different branches of industry and business opens up (production of protectors and safety equipment for self-defence training and most importantly for teaching the methods of safe falling as the most effective method of prevention of injuries caused by this).

We are pleased to emphasize the growing interest in Archives of Budo of both authors and readers from around the world. It is a reason for the Editors to be proud, but it is also a challenge for us to maintain the unique character of the journal, the highest content and ethical standards and to ensure satisfactory trouble free communication, both for authors and readers.

We sincerely hope that the Archives of Budo will be useful in your professional work and invite you to send us your articles so that we may have the opportunity to publish it.

Please accept our warm regards

Bartlomiej Barczynski                                                        Roman Maciej Kalina
Deputy Editor                                                                      Editor-in-Chief

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